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Sırma sparkling 750ml-thumb
Sırma sparkling 750ml glass-thumb

Sırma sparkling 750ml glass

Sirma water gets its taste and naturalness from Sapanja's pine forests and springs in Burdur Eynazli; It is offered to you after being tested at 40 different points. One of the sources of Sirma Water is in Kartepe, which is clean and full of oxygen, covered with untouched pine trees. The water that comes out of here is prepared at Sapanja Sirma Facilities. Another Sirma Water source is the untouched peaks of the Taurus Mountains in Burdur Eynazli. The water coming out of these special springs is filled in fully automatic machines without human touch and meets with consumers all over Turkey.

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Mg 106.972 Ca 304.608
Na 407.813 NO3 1.947
Fe 0.027 CI- 202.400
HCO3 2196
Capacity: 750 ml
Amount in a package, pcs 6 pcs
Region Turkey
Packing material: Glass
Brand Sırma
Type Sparkling
Shelflife Indicated on the bottle
Storage conditions from +0° С to +25° С
22.20 AZN
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