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Carlsberg Azerbaijan
Carlsberg Azerbaijan has been cooperating with KRISTAL LTD since 2020 and provides our employees with 19L spring water (Ipeksu), 0.5L spring water (Sirab), water device (dispenser) and water devices (dispensers) cleaning services, and we are very grateful for provided services. We would like to note that all the staff of KRISTAL LTD provide a very professional service and do their job properly. The team is constantly working on itself. We do not hesitate to recommend KRISTAL LTD to local and international companies and take advantage of their services.
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"Kristal LTD" LLC has been providing drinking water to "Azerconnect" LLC since 01 December 2017.

We are pleased to note that "Kristal LTD" LLC has proven itself as a reliable drinking water supplier of our company acting under contract terms.

As a supplier of drinking water the company has always been highly professional in delivering qualified service alligned with the standart legislation in mutually agreed terms, volume and timelines.

Thus, we recommend "Kristal LTD" LLC as the most experienced and potential company in the mentioned sphere for a long term and reliable partnership.

Best Regards,

Elnara Majidova

Head of General Administrative Department

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Azercell Telekom
Under the agreement signed for more than two years, "Kristal LTD" MMC provides "Azercell Telekom" MMC with drinking water. The company fulfills all its obligations with great professionalism and responsibility. Thanks to "Kristal LTD" for all this. We hope that our cooperation will continue successfully.
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Bona Dea International Hospital
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Ateshgah Insurance

By this letter I affirm that “Kristal LTD” LLС has experience of cooperation with “Atashgah” LLC the area of delivering water. During the cooperation, representatives of the company operated with creative approach, high professionalism and cooperativeness in executing their tasks.

We affirm that services rendered by “Kristal LTD” LLС conform to high professional profile.
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Papa Johns
Kristal LTD” LLC has been the partner of PJA LLC for 6 years. During this long period, “Kristal LTD” LLC has been a stable and reliable partner, providing a high level of operational efficiency, reliability and prompt approach to Customer`s needs.  

I recommend “Kristal LTD” LLC as an honest and reliable supplier
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Dear management of "Crystal LTD" LLC,

For more than five months, “Azercell Telecom” LLC has been cooperating with “Crystal LTD” LLC in the field of supply of drinking water based on the agreement signed between the Parties.

Within the framework of mentioned cooperation, your company has proved itself as a professional and hard-working company in terms of water delivery, provision of accessories, timely and properly execution of services by "Crystal LTD" LLC. It's no coincidence that we have never had any remarks to your company during this cooperation.

According to the abovementioned expressions, we hope that our cooperation will further continue successfully.
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"YARAT" Contemporary Art Space
We at Contemporary Art Centre YARAT have been co-operating with “Ipek Su” / Kristal  LTD for 4 years, and through this letter, we would like to take this opportunity to express our deep gratitude to the team of “Ipek Su” / Kristal LTD that provides us with spring water in 19-liter containers, for their high-level service and dedicated work. We would also like to note that the members of this team, beginning from their call agents who receive our orders and take an accurate note of the delivery information and ending with their drivers who are well aware of Baku traffic and can easily navigate to carefully perform the delivery service demonstrate a high level of competency in performing their work.
The administrative and financial departments at “Ipek Su” / Kristal LTD have also been very attentive to us by meeting our requirements in a timely manner. In particular, we would like to note that director of “Ipek Su” / Kristal LTD Gudrat Idayatov personally supervises all stages of delivering their spring water to us.
Note that this is not simply a letter of appreciation, but also a letter of recommendation.
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Sumitomo Corporation
We express our gratitude to “Ipek Su”, natural spring water; we believe in its quality and we rely on its content. We have been happy with your service since the very first day we have started our co-operation. We thank the leadership and personnel of Kristal LTD.
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Evrascon JSC
“Ipek Su” is our preferred water and we do enjoy consuming it! We are happy with this product and delivery service. The office personnel at “Ipek Su” are very attentive to us. We recommend it to all interested people!
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HAYAT Management
We are happy to consume “Ipek Su” water for drinking. We also use it for making tea and coffee. We do recommend “Ipek Su” water to everyone!
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Baku 4th Islamic Solidarity Games
We have been consuming “Ipek Su” water with great pleasure for many years. We are very pleased with their level of service, and can recommend them, for their timely delivery and individual approach, to all interested parties.
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A+A Group of Companies
We have been co-operating with Kristal LTD for a long time. Over this time, we have enjoyed the taste and quality of “Ipek Su” water. We wish every success to the personnel and management staff of Kristal LTD.
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Areva T&D SA
We have been cooperating with Kristal LTD since 2003. For six years now, our company has received no complaint about the quality or delivery of water. As an international company, we annually arrange tenders and monitor market prices and quality levels. Throughout all these years, Kristal LTD has maintained its affordable prices and quality assurance among other suppliers. In the event of any delays during deliveries, which are beyond the Supplier's control (e.g. traffic limitations, snowfall or any other force majeure occurrences), the management of Kristal LTD always gains control of these situations and takes all necessary measures to ensure that customers are provided with water. We cannot help but give an example to illustrate what otherwise could be taken as lightly; when elevators in our office did not work, the couriers of Kristal LTD walked up stairs, manually transporting containers to deliver water to the required address in time; what a sense of responsibility and good conduct they have!  
So far, we have placed urgent orders, out of the ordinary delivery schedule, for a few times only, and in all of these cases, these orders were delivered immediately in an exclusive manner, even on non-working days!
According to the regular surveys with our employees, we have never received complaints about the quality or taste of “Ipek Su” water. Moreover, we have audited their production facilities and have been satisfied with the levels of quality, hygiene and technique.
We recommend that all companies or organisations in Azerbaijan use the services of Kristal LTD that operates under the “Ipek Su” brand.
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Amrahbank ASC
We at Operations Branch of Amrahbank OJSC consume “Ipek Su” water bottled by Kristal LTD. We are happy with the quality and fast delivery of this product by Kristal LTD.
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On behalf of our Bank, we would like to thank you for your high quality services, and we wish you every success in your work!
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Asena LLC
We are satisfied with the high quality of “Ipek Su” water supplied by Kristal LTD since 2005. We are also happy with the friendly personnel and management staff of Kristal LTD.
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Ateshgah Insurance Company LLC
“Ateshgah” Insurance Company has been co-operating with Kristal LTD since 2004. We use “Ipek Su” spring water which is provided by Kristal LTD. Over the time of our cooperation, our requirements for water supply were met in a timely and quality manner; we have never been unhappy with the services of Kristal LTD.
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AutoStar Kaukasus GmbH
Our company has been using “Ipek Su” produced by Kristal LTD since 2000. We express our satisfaction with the quality and good taste of this water and due diligence of Kristal’s service personnel. We recommend them to all interested companies!
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