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We receive natural water “Ipeksu” in corrosion resistant stainless steel water barrels right from the source.

Our latest high-tech bottling line and multi-staged water treatment system are fundamental to the high quality and crystal clear water that we deliver.

Not even a single useful component is removed during the filtration of water “Ipeksu”; only unwanted substances are eliminated. The water is then run through a UV water treatment (ultraviolet bulbs) system before being ozonated. “Ipeksu” has a pleasant taste due to its perfectly balanced content of useful minerals, while the incrustation during boiling is simply impossible.

The tightly sealed bottle cork contains a branded dust guard that prevents dust from entering. The cork is wrapped with “Ipeksu”-branded thermal film which excludes the possibility of a counterfeit product. A disposable cork together with the dust guard and branded thermal film protects the product against the possibility of re-opening, while giving an assurance that the water was bottled in the plant and corresponds to the stated quality.