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Natural water

Our goal was to provide natural, crystal clear water with a pleasant taste and useful mineral composition, and thanks to our modern technology, a strong team of highly qualified experts and your confidence, we have succeeded in doing so.

Our latest high-tech bottling line and multi-staged water treatment system are fundamental to the high quality and crystal clear water that we deliver. Not even a single useful component is removed during water filtration which eliminates only unwanted substances. The water is then run through a UV water treatment (ultraviolet bulbs) system before being ozonated.  

“Ipeksu” has a pleasant taste due to its perfectly balanced content of useful minerals, while the incrustation during boiling is simply impossible. 

For those who prefer water with a higher content of such minerals as calcium and magnesium, our Company can also offer “Ipeksu Mehmeri” which is featured by a relatively higher concentration of salts of the aforementioned minerals and meets the international standards for drinking water in terms of its mineral composition.

Mineral composition of our water brands

İpəksu Məxməri
Index Miqdar

Index Miqdar
PH < 8,5
PH < 8
Ca < 11
Ca < 20
Mg < 5,5
Mg < 15
Na < 8,5
Na < 20
Cl- < 2,5
Cl- < 5
SO4 < 16
SO4 < 80
NO3 < 3
NO3 < 9
HCO3 < 70
HCO3 < 100