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Sirab still 10L-thumb
Sirab still 10L-thumb

Sirab still 10L

The Sirab mineral water source is located 14.6 km northeast of the city of Nakhchivan, in the territory of the Sirab village of the Babek region, on the slope of high mountains, in the Kalbaagyl valley, and springs from the depths. This is - "Sirab" - one of the wonders of the Nakhchivan land, rich in gold reserves, sources of stone and salts and springs. These incomparable resources of the ancient land of Nakhchivan have been used by people for many centuries.

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PH 7.0-7.4 Mg <6.5
Ca <10 Na <18.5
SO4 <25 CI- <10
HCO3 <75
Capacity: 10000 ml
Amount in a package, pcs 1 pcs
Region Azerbaijan
Manufacturer: Sirab ASC
Packing material: PET
Brand Sirab
Type Still
5.40 AZN
Available: 28 pcs.