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Kobi sparkling 500ml glass-thumb
Kobi sparkling 500ml glass-thumb

Kobi sparkling 500ml glass

A unique technology of cold carbonization, which implies the enrichment of water with CO2 molecules at temperatures below <3 C °, and which in its turn ensures the dispersion of carbon dioxide as very small bubbles, is used in the production of “Kobi”. This makes drinking especially pleasant and does not cause burning in the nose or bloating. Due to its low mineralization, “Kobi” water quenches thirst in the same way as ordinary water, unlike other analogues produced in Georgia.

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Cl- 110-175 SO42- <25
Na+ 140-220 Mg2+ <50
Ca2+ 120-190 Ка+ <50
HCO3- 700-1050
Capacity: 500 ml
Amount in a package, pcs 12 pcs
Region Georgia
Manufacturer: Aquageo
Packing material: Glass
Brand Kobi
Type Sparkling
Production date Indicated on the label
Shelflife 12 months
Storage conditions from +0° С to +30° С
22.80 AZN
Available: 9 pcs.