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Borjomi sparkling water 1000ml-thumb
Borjomi sparkling water 1000ml-thumb

Borjomi sparkling water 1000ml

Borjomi is a natural sodium hydrocarbonate mineral water with natural mineralization; it is used for the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with the digestive system and metabolism, and is also used as table water.

6 pcs of natural artesian water Borjomi 1000 ml.

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Cl- 250-500 SO42- <10
Na+ 1000-2000 Mg2+ 20-150
Ca2+ 20-150 Ка+ 14-45
HCO3- 3500-5000 TDS, мг/л 5.0-7.5
Capacity: 1000 ml
Amount in a package, pcs 6 pcs
Region Georgia
Manufacturer: IDS Borjomi
Packing material: PET
Brand Borjomi
Type Sparkling
Production date Indicated on the label
Shelflife 12 months
Storage conditions from +0° С to +30° С
15 AZN
Available: 18 pcs.