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Badamli still 10L-thumb
Badamli 10L-thumb
Badamli still 10L-thumb

Badamli still 10L

Manufactured under highest quality standards, our plastic cans are the safest packaging for health-conscious people. Mineral water stays cleaner and fresher in plastic cans designed for long-term use and not subject to chemical changes.

For more than a century, a spring has been flowing in the village of Badamli, located at an altitude of 1274 meters above sea level, in the Shahbuz district of the city of Nakhchivan. This water called Badamli helps to ease digestion and increase appetite. We are proud to offer you this mineral water, given to us by nature, which is bottled without contact on an automated line right at the source.

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PH 7.75 Mg <20
Ca <30 Na <20
SO4 <10 CI- <35
Capacity: 10000 ml
Amount in a package, pcs 1 pcs
Region Azerbaijan
Manufacturer: Badamlı Mineral Suları
Packing material: PET
Brand Badamli
Type Still
Shelflife 12 months
Storage conditions from +0° С to +25° С
5.40 AZN
Available: 10 pcs.