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Ipeksu | Social responsibility policy

While remaining true to its principles, “Ipeksu” has always been mindful of its social obligations, and Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), along with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, are central to its social responsibilities.

Water is one of the most valuable and vital natural resources on the earth. It also is the main product offered by our Company. We are well aware of the importance of protecting the environment and of using its resources in a responsible manner. “Ipeksu” not only offers an environmentally friendly product, but also provides an affordable source of water to ensure you continue your healthy lifestyle at work or home.

The company is particularly attentive to environmental issues in the process of production and delivery. Full conformity with international HSE requirements in terms of equipment and vehicles, materials and products has always been of utmost importance for the Company. We all know today that recyclable packaging and large-volume water containers, inter alia, are more useful in terms of the environmental protection, if compared to disposable containers.

At the same time, using “Ipeksu” to make tea or coffee and prepare food will guarantee you an amazing taste difference due to the peculiar composition of our water, whilst consuming less tea, coffee and food. In turn, it will also allow you to make more prudent use of foodstuff at work or home.

The principal rules of the Company are summarized as follows:

· no failures during the work,

· no injuries to people, and

· avoid exposing employees and third parties to unnecessary risks.

Safety during the operation of equipment and vehicles is of utmost importance for the overall safe and successful business performance.

With water being such a necessary resource for life on the earth, “Ipeksu” aims at promoting and increasing the public’s awareness of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, our Company wishes to inform the citizens and, above all, our customers about the principles of a healthy lifestyle and potable water.

In an effort to build a favourable environment for its application by the public at large, "Ipeksu" plans to hold a series of events, including promotional campaigns.