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Ipeksu | Mission

We are committed to providing our customers, wherever they may be, with natural mineral water which is one of the most essential and precious gifts of nature. We always strive to win the confidence of customers and to become a symbol of healthy life, while contributing to the protection of the environment; these are core principles of our Company.

Since its inception, “Ipeksu” has remained true to these principles throughout the entire production chain and customer services by putting quality assurance at the forefront of all elements of the business. Top quality products and flawless services are the primary purposes of our Company. The unique mineral composition and superb taste of “Ipeksu”, alongside the packaging materials and the latest technological bottling line, all conforming to international standards, play an integral role in delivering our high-quality products. Our tailor-made approach to and care for each and every customer, including customer satisfaction and high quality services form the basis of our mission. As a result of this policy, “Ipeksu” has gained the trust of its customers.

Health is one of the most important components of the people’s happiness. The timeless truth is that drinking enough water every day is very important for your health. Sports, quality food and drinking enough water a day will significantly contribute to your healthy lifestyle.

With this truth in mind, our mission is to provide our customers, be they at work or home, with an affordable source of health and water.

“Ipeksu” is a gift of nature which is the most essential factor of a healthy lifestyle. It is precisely for this reason that “Ipeksu” has been very attentive to the protection of the environment at each stage of the overall work process.