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Slavyanka still 330ml

Slavyanka is the first packaged still water brand of Azerbaijan and has been produced from the pure waters of the springs of Gadabay mountains since 2004. Currently, waters from 12 springs that are located above 1500 meter sea level in Gababay mountains are flowing to our factory. These waters are collected in depots in our factory and they go through very meticulous steps until they get ready for distribution. Mechanical cleaning being first, the process goes through sand-carbon filtration, UFE filtration, and 0.2-micron filtration. After final production, the final products get distributed to the whole country.

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PH 7.10-7.70 Mg <7mq/l
Ca <32mq/l Na <25mq/l
SO4 <30mq/l CI- <5mq/l
Capacity: 330 ml
Amount in a package, pcs 24 pcs
Region Azerbaijan
Manufacturer: Gədəbəy Mineral Suları
Packing material: PET
Brand Slavyanka
Type Still
Shelflife 12 months
Storage conditions from +0° С to +25° С
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